TCF goodies

joe heck trash3 at
Tue Apr 19 15:48:23 CDT 2005

If it was new electronics, then yes, it is YouDoIt electronics, just off 
Rte 128 at the Needham/Newton exit, which is one exit below the Rte 9 exit.

Used is another story.  I haven't been in a while, but in Cambridge was 
Eli Heffron, which is now E.L.I. computers.

There are a couple of other used/surplus places around here, but they 
are not really open to the public.  One is off of Rte 3, below Rte 128, 
going toward the Cape, in Hanover.

Joe Heck

John Allain wrote:
> One goodie that I got this weekend was just virtual, that is, it was 
> information on equipment and not actual equipment.  The person
> said to go in Massachusetts to somewhere around Dedham, near
> the intersections of route 3 and 128.  There I would see an electronics
> dealer near the highway?  Assuming the guy meant route 93, anybody
> have the name of a likely business near there?
> John A.

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