Questions - Universe/68, HP-9134A,VT420 composite video

Tony Duell ard at
Tue Apr 19 17:27:42 CDT 2005

> It does appear to be the 4 x 1.15MB version. There's
> an HP warranty label on the back that dates it to
> 1982.

Old (pre-about-1997) HP devices (not just computers, but test gear too) 
have serial numbers of the form


Where : yy = number of years since 1960 (note, this might be a single 
digit on really old stuff)

ww = week of mnaufactuer (sometimes adjusted for the average time it 
takes to get the unit from HP to the custormer)

C = country of production (A = USA, B = Brazil, Q = UK, G = West Germany, 
S = Singapore, probably others too)

nnnnn = serial number in that week, etc.


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