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Yes, the LK-3000 is vintage and on-topic.  I have three of them.  It's from
1978 and the patents go back to 1976.

The reason it's not off-topic isn't because of its age, but because it's far
more than just a language translator.  With the plug-in modules, it's a
database and a notepad -- in short, one of several predecessors to the
modern PDA.

Now, as for your "any computer over 5 years old is an antique" statement,
well that's just silly.  Perhaps a PC from 2000 is an "antique" in the
sarcastic sense of Win XP having ridiculous resource requirements, but
otherwise, of course not.

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I dont know if this is off topic or not.  Seems like every time I post to
this list I am chastised for OT.  To me any computer over 5 years old is an
antique.  But I would accept the definiton that any computer that used dual
triodes was an antique, like the IBM 7070 that I cut my teeth on.

BUT....be that as it may, I have several old computers that I am considering
disposing of, but before I do I am wondering if they are "classics"

Case in point:

Nixdorf LK 3000 Electronic Notebook

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