Dead Mac IIcx

tim lindner tlindner at
Wed Apr 20 11:34:38 CDT 2005

I decided to pull out my first Mac and try to boot it. It won't boot.
The power button on the mother board and the keyboard both do nothing.

So I decided to test the power suppily. I could not find any pinouts for
a IIcx power suppily. Does anyone have that information?

Also I took a close look at the motherboard. It has 7 silver cans.
Capacitors I think. They are all surounded by a thin layer of sticky
goo. Is this a sure sign my caps have leaked?


I appologize for the blury photo, but it gets my point across.

You'll also notice my batery is pulled. Everything on I've read so far
say a IIcx should boot without the batery.

Thanks for the help!

tim lindner
tlindner at                                            Bright

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