OT Don't read this (was Re: Altair MBL source)

woodelf bfranchuk at jetnet.ab.ca
Wed Apr 20 21:37:04 CDT 2005

William Donzelli wrote:

>It was mostly killed because it was just a dumb idea. By 1940, the
>Germans swung the other way, to *very* general purpose tubes, rather than
>super complex application specific types.
Ok  was wrong in my guess.

>To keep it on topic - I need most of the tubes, but most importantly, a
>manual, for the WW2 German FuG O3 "teletype" modem. A big multi-chassis
>FSK box, probably for modulating/demodulating Lorenz transmissions for two
>and four wire land lines. Long shot, but I have been fruitless elsewhere.
Well how about a better long shot. Try the people at Bletchley Park in 
the UK.
While were into code breaking the geman codes , I am sure the must have had
some knowlage of the other equipment used transmit the codes.
Good luck.

>William Donzelli
>aw288 at osfn.org 

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