HP find, plus some good DEC stuff too... and CDC.. and...

Jay West jwest at classiccmp.org
Thu Apr 21 08:52:01 CDT 2005

Pierre wrote...
> it would be of great help, if somebody could scan the documents of the CDC 
> drives.
> I own four of these beasts and neither don't know to configure them nor to 
> repair them due to the lack of printsets.
> And I'm surely not the only one out there.

I have no 9715's, and probably never will. I will send any CDC manuals & 
such to Al to scan for bitsavers, and then he can send the originals to 
you - you can have them.

Al's probably backed up scanning stuff and since you're the only one who 
expressed interest in them, I could just send all the CDC stuff (manuals & 
filler plate kit) directly to you. You can keep it - with the stipulation 
that at some point you get it to Al to scan for bitsavers.


Jay West 

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