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>>> RCA's Nuvistor - a family often found in late 1960s TV tuners and some
>>> test equipments. They are almost always triodes, and are really small -
>>> 3/4 inch long, maybe 3/8 inch diameter, all metal. RCA made a few half
>>> sized Nuvistors, but never sold them.

I have and still use these.  Common numbers are 6CW4 and 6DS4, fine devices.

>> Some mil gear (eg PRC-41) has very small ceramic tubes -not sure if they are 
>> quite as small as the Nuvistor but they must be close- likewise some hearing 
>> aid amp tubes were pertty damn small as well.

I also have an assortment of T1A sized tubes (1.125" tall by .360 dia glass)
most of them are 5899 and 5636 RF pentodes.  I have 1AD4 and 5862 which are
miniture tubes for battery operation and they are 1.25 tall by .375 wide and 
about .220 thick also made of glass.

I've used all of the mentined tubes in various radio projects.


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