Amigo computer, Amigo disk protocol (was Re: Questions - Universe/68, HP-9134A, VT420 composite video)

Stan Sieler sieler at
Thu Apr 21 19:09:27 CDT 2005


[HP 300]
> >  No it's not EXCLUSIVELY for the floppy drives but that's what it was
> > desinged for.
> IIRC, the HP-300 didn't even *have* floppy drives.  It had an internal
> hard drive, and I think it was possible to add more externally.

IIRC, the only HP 300 I ever used (at HP Cupertino, in 1979)
had an 8" floppy drive (or two?) and no hard drive ... but 
it's been a long time :)

Stan Sieler
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