I'm going to design and build an X terminal

Eric Smith eric at brouhaha.com
Fri Apr 22 00:43:31 CDT 2005

Michael wrote:
> Are you referring to X Consortium vs. XFree86, or some other fork I'm
> not aware of?

The XFree86 organization started changing their license a while back,
in a manner that upset a lot of people.  They didn't announce it or
have any public discussion; the new license just crept in.  People that
were unhappy about that, and had been unhappy with the XFree86
organization for other reasons, created a new fork of the last release
of XFree86 that was under the old license, and it is maintained under
the auspices of "x.org".

I'm not sure exactly what (if any) relationship there is between the
current x.org and the original X Consortium, but it's my understanding
that the latter has been defunct since not long after the release of
"Broadway".  I think it may have merged into the XFree86 organization.

Most Linux distributions now use the x.org branch rather than XFree86.
Debian is a notable counterexample, though it is expected that they
will switch after they release Sarge.


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