tube technology and EMP

der Mouse mouse at Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA
Fri Apr 22 04:21:50 CDT 2005

> And for using pencils in space: Having loose bits of nicely
> conductive graphite dust floating around the interiour of your space
> vehicle is a seriously bad idea since this is just asking for random
> shorts in your onboard electronics.

Perhaps.  But in the absence of other functional writing instruments,
what choice is there?  Does it cost more to develop (or, as you point
out, buy after someone else develops) bad zero-gee pens or to put good
filters in the air circulation system?

Or use pencils made of pure wood together with sheets of carbon paper?

...what *did* the cosmonauti use?  Is the pencil story an urban legend,
or is there historical basis for it?  (I've seen it elsewhere, but
never with any sources cited.)

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