Microfiche scanning

James Fogg James at jdfogg.com
Fri Apr 22 06:13:14 CDT 2005

> "James Fogg" wrote:
> >
> >If anyone here has contacts at MIT, or wanted to contact them about 
> >scanning services, you might find that they still have the 
> ability to 
> >scan fiche and *may* be affordable.
> If no one else wants to, I'll sign up for this.  I'd love the 
> excuse to see the scanner :-)
> I've spoken to the nice ladies in the CSAIL reading room.  
> I'll bet they can point me in the right direction.  They seem 
> to be very sympathetic to those of us into archiving.
> -brad

Let me know if they still have it. I'd love to know.
BTW - TDC was bought by Banctec, so it may be called a Banctec fiche
scanner now.

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