Apple II/Older Mac stuff..

David Holland dholland at
Fri Apr 22 11:59:53 CDT 2005


One of the Dayton, Ohio schools around here is emptying some spare
classrooms, and old storage area's of their older Apple computers. 

If anyone is interested in picking up a carload of stuff or so, send me
an email, and I'll put you in touch w/ the appropriate person. (I
believe he'd prefer me NOT to post his email address)

The guy says its cheaper on the school district to give it away, and let
someone pick it up, than to put it in the dumpster, and he'd rather see
someone have them than dumping them. 

I don't know exactly everything he's got, nor am I certain he exactly
knows, but I picked up a small Corolla's backseat/trunk's worth of Apple
II stuff, and assorted Localtalk networking yesterday..

Said I'd see if anyone else wanted anything, and was in the area, so I


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