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Fri Apr 22 13:01:47 CDT 2005

>Boy, that was a short month... I happened to be next to one of my
>caches of DEC prints and lo and behold, the very 11/730-ZA print stack
>I was after.  It is about 2 cm thick, and contains mechanical drawings
>of the cable tray, prints for the PSU, TU58, CPU, and memory,
>schematics and PAL equations included.
>It being B-sized drawings, I have no easy way to scan these... my
>hardware tops out at 8.5"x14".  Suggestions?

Is this any different to the one I scanned and is
available via Manx. If not, I'd suggest that for penance you
find something that isn't already on there and scan that :-)




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