tube technology and EMP

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Paul Koning said:

> >>>>> "Stan" == Stan Barr <stanb at> writes:
>  Stan> MESM, M-1, STRELA, SETUN, and ELBRUS seem to have been largely
>  Stan> original, but they were big iron.  See the book I mentioned in
>  Stan> my previous mail, I've just finished reading it, very
>  Stan> interesting...
> Have you seen any references to "Sigma" or "Ruta", or an organization
> named "STIMTI"?

No.  A quick scan through the Russian chapter in the book didn't throw
up any references either.

Incidentally, the SETUN computer used ternary logic using ferrite cores
magnetised in either direction or not magnetized at all to give the
three levels.   There can't have been many similar designs.

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