Crazy Monitor idea for old Home Computers

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Fri Apr 22 17:59:42 CDT 2005

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Subject: Crazy Monitor idea for old Home Computers

> I've been giving some serious thought about breaking out either one of my
> Apple //'s, C-64's, or maybe even the Amiga 500, as I feel like playing
> old games.
> These days I don't really have the space to set one (or all) up.  Then I
> an idea on how to save some space.  All three of these systems were
> to plug into a monitor that was basically a TV.
> Has anyone tried to plug an old Home computer into an Analog to Digital TV
> converter such as the Canopus ADVC-100, and then use a mondern computer
> with a Firewire port and video capture software as a monitor?
> Alternatively, would an Apple // work with a Commodore 2002 monitor?
> Zane
Closest thing to universal would be a Commodore 1084 monitor with multiple
inputs like the one I have (RCA, Analog and Digital) Works with Amiga, C64,
and even 80 column C128 mode)

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