Eric Smith eric at
Fri Apr 22 18:47:39 CDT 2005

Tony wrote:
> However, the PALs in an 11/730 are not protected (the security fuse is
> intact), and when I had access to a good PAL programmer, I actually
> desoldered all the PALs in my 11/730 and read them out. So the PAL
> equations would be trivial to reconstruct given the schematics, which are
> on Manx.

There is a DOS executable floating around called JED2EQN that does this
for the simple (early) PALs.  It was part of the National Semiconductor
Opal Jr. package.  A version of that is on my PALASM web page, near
the bottom.

Note that I have not run ANY of these binary-only tools, and offer no
warranty for them.  Caveat emptor!  (For that matter, I don't offer any
warranty for the Fortran versions, nor for any of the software that I've


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