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Allison wrote:

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>>I've not been into R/C stuff, but I am into 'submini' tubes.
>>I recently built a 5-tube regenerative receiver for the 49 meter band using
>>5678's for the 2 stage tuned RF amp, detector, and first audio amp.  A 5676
>>serves as the final audio driver.
>Can you send me a schematic you used?  I must have 20 of those, as well
>as 1AD4 and 5672s. I was forturnate that someone gave me a bunch of them
>and I've found them fun to play with. I've done a single tube regen (160m)
>with it and stuffed in a small tin.  I run it on an AA cell and three 
>9v batteries. 
I'll take a schematic too... got any for the BC band?

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