Free 9-track tapes

Curt Nelson cfnelson_87111 at
Fri Apr 22 00:47:45 CDT 2005

I have a box of 9-track tapes (total weight is 65 lbs)
from that I no longer need.

- 27 x 2400'	3M Black Watch No.700	6250 CPI
- 1 x 1200'	Scotch 700		6250 CPI
- 3 x 1200'	Graham Magnetics Epoch 480
- 2 x write-enable rings

The whole lot is available for free if you pay for the
shipping (or pick them up in Albuquerque).  I would
prefer to send all the tapes at once rather than
sending single tapes to people.  If you are
interested, please contact me at
cfnelson_87111 at  If no one is interested,
they are going in the media disposal box at work.

By the way, I read the entire set twice using
different tape drives (both were Sun-labelled HP 88780
drives).  A byte-for-byte comparison showed not a
single changed bit for the sets (>1 Gbyte of data)that
were read 5 years apart.  I found that somewhat
amazing for tapes that are at least 15 years old and
have not been in special storage.  Maybe writing the
data at only 1600 bpi made them more reliable
(originally written by a Masscomp UNIX system using a
Cipher F880 tape drive).

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