surplus store in Seattle area

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Sat Apr 23 02:16:10 CDT 2005

	I would add to this RE-PC's two locations, in Tukwila and Seattle. 

	At the risk of shameless self-promotion, my web site at:

	...has listings for electronics and computer surplus places in Washington (state), parts of Oregon, and the Bay Area.

	Keep the peace(es).

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On 22-Apr-05 at 11:18 Saquinn624 at wrote:

>BOEING!!! if you're in Kent, you should definitely check it out.
>Feast or famine, prices sometimes great, ok, or outrageous, but they have 
>everything from VAXen to ONYX/HP V-class machines, unfortunatly mostly PCs
>(but I 
>got my $5 Apollo, and my $25 Indigo2 IMPACT 10000 (this was 3 years ago) 
>- Scott Quinn

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