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Ronald Wayne appleto at
Sat Apr 23 09:37:41 CDT 2005

On 4/22/05, Vintage Computer Festival <vcf at> wrote:
> Ok, but you can always put the drives on top of the //gs, or get an
> internal hard drive (like one of mine :)

The IIgs does use more desk space, and it uses a heck of a larger
volume.  The IIc is also slightly more stylish.

> There are now CF adapters and IDE interfaces available for the Apple ][.

Yeah, I've been thinking about going this route too.  It even sounds
like the CF adapter will run on unenhanced IIe's these day.  But I've
always felt weird using an Apple II with a hard drive.  Sure it can be
done, and there are many ways of doing so, but most of the 8-bit
software fits on a couple of 180 kB floppies.  As for the games, some
of which use many more diskettes, it would be surprising if many of
them would run from a hard drive.

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