Televideo 950 question (and a laugh at my expense)

Eric Smith eric at
Sat Apr 23 15:22:38 CDT 2005

Jay wrote about HP 2000/Access Time Shared BASIC:
> Then I noticed that big fat "LINE FEED" button on the TV950 keyboard. I
> hit enter, then linefeed, and voila! PLEASE LOG IN. This immediately
> struck home, as I know the Access 12920 mux uses an initial CR/LF to do
> an autobaud. This clearly told me that the TV950 was sending a CR, rather
> than CRLF when the enter key was pressed. Talk about egg on your face ;) I
> spent hours looking in the wrong place - vaguely analogous to forgetting to
> check that a device was plugged in. Ha. Ha.
> So anyways... many terminals I've worked with support setting the
> ENTER/RETURN key to generate a CR, or a CR/LF. I can't find any such
> setting on the Televideo 950. Is it there and I'm just missing it?

I don't remember seeing that feature on any terminal, though perhaps
it does exist on some.

Certainly the Teletype ASR-33 that we always used with TSB didn't have
any feature to do that.  You just had to hit the linefeed key when you
want a linefeed.

And once you're logged into TSB, I don't think you *want* linefeeds after
each CR.


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