Need good disk dump utility

Dan Williams williams.dan at
Sat Apr 23 19:05:03 CDT 2005

On 4/24/05, Vintage Computer Festival <vcf at> wrote:
> I'm currently using Anadisk to dump disks into image files.  The problem
> is, Anadisk, like 22disk, is retarded.  If it hits an error it skips the
> sector but does not put a blank sector in the image file.  You have the
> option of placing a sector header before each sector, but for manipulating
> disk images, this is a piss poor way to mark missing sectors.  Anadisk
> also has the annoying habit of ignoring the start and finish cylinders and
> merrily proceeds to read the entire disk, relegating the need to ask you
> what cylinders you want dumped superfluous.
> Is there anything in Linux that will dump a disk image and put blank space
> where bad sectors are?  It's not certain if dd does this.
> I'm sick of the crap programming of others.  Must I write *EVERYTHING*
> myself?
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Can't really help you much, I've never tried to copy a disk with
errors before. But I've used these before, they mostly run on msdos or
linux. It also depends on what disks you're trying to copy.



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