Crazy Transformer question

Tony Duell ard at
Sun Apr 24 16:07:15 CDT 2005

> OK, this is a really bizarre question.  My Neo-Geo arcade has been 
> acting up, and a couple weekends ago when I tried to take a look at 

Define 'acting up', please.

> it, I couldn't even get a picture.  Today I got the bits to take out 
> the security screws so I could get into the part where the 
> powersupply is.
> It was just up for 4 1/2 hours without any problems.  The only things 
> that have been done is to wipe the grill where the fan is off (it was 
> really filthy), and to move an old sewing machine that was sitting on 

Could it be that the machine was overheating? Or that you re-seated a 
dodge connector when you had it apart. Or disturbed a dry joint?

> the floor next to it (unplugged).  The sewing machine was sitting 
> next to where the transformer is in the cabinet.  Is there any way 
> having it sitting there could have been effecting the power?

I don't see how. It's possible for the stray field of one transformer to 
couple to another (valve audio amplifers nearly always had the cores of 
the mains and output transformer at right angles to reduce hum, for 
example), but I've never heard of stray fields or metal affecting a mains 


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