Good CD-R media (T-Y CD-Rs)

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> My memory might be a little fuzzy, but I think that there was some talk about
> how to find good CD-R media a bit ago. I was just looking around (finally got
> to Fry's) and found some Maxell "CD-RPro" disks that were Tayo-Yuden
> manufacture. Packaging even said "Made in Japan" Salesman didn't have any idea about
> Japanese disks, though, and pointed out "other same brand disks" available in
> larger quantities [Taiwanese, probably CMC] So, they are there, but only in
> quantity 25 spindles. Perhaps a E-mail campaign to Maxell letting them know that
> we approve and notice would encourage them to stay with T-Y?

Hmm, funny.  I only managed to find a 10-pack of the same.  Didn't see
anything about T-Y on them but then I didn't look all that much.  Where
would I find on the disc or packaging that they are T-Y?

I looked but didn't see anything larger than the 10-pack.  This was at the
Fremont Fry's.  Which one did you find the spindle at?


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