Crazy Monitor idea for old Home Computers

Zane H. Healy healyzh at
Sun Apr 24 21:21:23 CDT 2005

>  > > Has anyone tried to plug an old Home computer into an Analog to 
>Digital TV
>>  > converter such as the Canopus ADVC-100, and then use a mondern computer
>>  > with a Firewire port and video capture software as a monitor?
>>  And the answer would be that with my Apple //gs, I'm getting video,
>>  however, it's B&W.  I assume I should be getting colour output on the
>>  composite port?
>Uh, yeah ^^;;
>Perhaps your Canopus is set to PAL (or your IIgs isn't NTSC)?

I'm not sure what's up.  The Canopus can't even do PAL as far as I 
know, and I'd used it earlier that night with a definite NTSC signal. 
As far as I know the IIgs is NTSC.

To make things even stranger, when I booted up a System 6 floppy, I 
got colour once it was running the GUI, BUT, it was a bit distorted 
and not the most readable.  I've been doing a little work trying to 
get a spot cleaned up to set it, and the monitor up, though, I seem 
to be having a bit of a problem finding a spot to plug it in.


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