Asunto: End of Surplus?

spedraja at spedraja at
Tue Apr 26 01:25:49 CDT 2005


>Supposedly this is coming from the Department of
>Homeland Security and has something to do with 9/11. (Have you noticed that
>every new, rediculous requirement is in response to 9/11?)

One of my hobbies is the history, and the world politics tracking and analisis.
There are some patterns repeated from time to time in all the world. This
is one of it. The drama itself stays there, and everybody remembers the victims
periodically; but the shock is used like a way where the water can flood.
And what is the reason to justify the use of this way ?

The Security, of course :-) And, please, don't try to say nothing about it
or you will be arrested.

The Security reason, joined with the thinking of the majority of the people
about "I don't wnat problems" works very well. And this gives to the industry
something that goes directly to the recycle plant of HP that someone did
mention in other message. Sincerely, is the better excuse that I see in my
life. And is almost sure that it will work.

The good part (for someone), I suppose, is about the progressive growing
of the cotization of the old computer equipment "of collection".

The economy is incredible.


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