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Tue Apr 26 08:52:36 CDT 2005

Indeed, one would expect that a disk image utility would write the whole formatted image on the disk and be done with it. 

I had all sorts of problems writing disk images on the target platform that I thought were communications related, which disappeared when I formatted the disks. Interestingly, CP/M images seem to write just fine on DOS formatted disks so go figure.


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> On Mon, 25 Apr 2005 gordt at wrote:
> > I would assume you need to format the floppies with the 
> appropriate format
> > (DOS or ProDOS depending on what you're writing) - I need to do 
> so on my
> > IIGS with DSK2FILE so I presume you'd need to do so on the Mac...
> This is a disk image tool so it doesn't matter what OS you use to 
> formatthe disk, just as long as the disk is formatted.
> If indeed DSK2FILE requires the disk to be pre-formatted as you 
> say then
> that's probably what was causing the troubles Zane was having.  
> Lame lame
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