my Data General ( MP/200, not 4/X) and 6095 Disk drive

Jos Dreesen jos.mar at
Tue Apr 26 14:31:09 CDT 2005

Tom Jenning's account of getting his Nova up again made me go back to 
my Nova MP/200, a 2901 bitslice based machine.

With the machine came a DG6095 diskdrive, on which i did not find any 
It looks identical, inside and outside,  to Tom's 6070 drive.

Questions :

- anybody know for sure that the 6095 is just the Euro version 
(220V/50HZ) of the US 6070 drive ?
- Anybody has a spare pack ( fat chance, I know )
- and failing that would RL02 packs fit ( if so, how many sectors )
- and do I really need to dismantle heads and fixed platter to clean 
them ? ( I believe I  know the answer to that...)

							Jos Dreesen.

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