IBM 360 (was Re: Cray picked up today)

Scott Stevens chenmel at
Tue Apr 26 17:58:18 CDT 2005

On Mon, 25 Apr 2005 15:47:57 -0700 (PDT)
"Eric Smith" <eric at> wrote:

> Lawrence wrote:
> > The IBM 360 range (
> > ) was made of
> > modules no wider than a standard door ... should have gone for one
> > of those :-)
> If you (or anyone) know of any 360 or 370 machines that are available,
> please let me know, as I'd like to try to get another 360 or 370 for
> the Computer History Museum (
> It should be noted that I'm not officially acting on their behalf;
> I only do volunteer work (e.g., PDP-1 Restoration Project), and they
> haven't asked me to find more machines for them.  I just think they
> should have them.  :-)
> Currently CHM has an IBM 360/30.  The internal condition is apparently
> not very good, though I haven't looked inside it myself.  But I really
> hope that we can restore some model of 360 (or 370) in the future.
> Having an operational 360 system that people could submit jobs to
> via punched cards (or maybe RJE over the internet) would really rock!
> The CHM setup includes some 2311 disk drives and 24xx tape drives, but
> apparently not control units for them.  And I'm willing to donate a
> 2540 Card Read Punch to CHM to use with it, but I don't have the 2821
> control unit that was used for that and the 1403 printer.  :-(
> Eric

All I have is an official IBM 360 Ashtray that I got from my father.  I
mentioned it to him recently, he says that it's probably pretty rare
because it was an executive-only promotional perk.

It's probably been a few years since IBM produced a matching ash tray to
go with one of their mainframe systems.

I have a wooden THINK desk sign, too.  No IBM mainframe collector should
be without one of those.


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