S100 haul

Jules Richardson julesrichardsonuk at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Apr 27 08:16:42 CDT 2005

Just read Dave D's post - seems to be the week for S100 stuff!

We picked up a van load at the weekend - 19 Horizons (another 3 are on
the way!), 9 Minstrels, a Cromemco (I forget which!), and an imperial
buttload (artistic licence :) of S100 spares.

Reasonable amount of documentation and floppies too, plus some useful
test gear (logic analyser, DRAM / SIMM tester, capacitance meter). 

This was from a house where the old chap had died recently - to say he
was a bit of a hoarder was an understatement. The house was floor to
ceiling with computers, docs, software, newspapers, books, photos,
videos. Unfortunately the chap's son who was there with us was paranoid
about there being sensitive information buried in everything, so 90% of
the docs and disks had to be left behind - ditto with most of the
components and test gear as he was worried they'd still be on the books
from the guy's old business and he'd be liable if they were released.
Shame as it means there's a lot of stuff that's going to get trashed (it
wasn't the sort of thing that'd have any resale value).

We got a lot of the hardware. I think there were a couple of Minstrels
and Televideos left, along with a BBC Micro, Sinclair QL, a pile of mono
displays, and a dull Amstrad wordprocessor machine. 

We've not had time to sort through everything that we picked up yet. I
did notice some S100 vector graphics boards that caught my eye...

Some quick pics:


(lots more spares in boxes out of shot!)

All weekend was spent loading and unloading stuff - will try and get an
inventory of the boards within a few days...



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