Storage, was Re: TRS-80 without floppy drive

Marvin Johnston marvin at
Wed Apr 27 10:54:01 CDT 2005

Ah yes, do you know how to store tighter :)? I've moved out/tossed
perhaps 1000 - 2000 cubic feet of stuff, and can kind of see a
difference. Another thought we've had here is to sell tickets at maybe
$20.00 a pop for people to "tour" certain areas of the house/garage/etc.
We figure the biggest market would be to people whose wives complain
about the amount of stuff *they* have :).

> >Can you clear out the Living Room entirely?
> >Move all hobby stuff to one room, either the basement 
> >or Garage, or the spare room, if you are so lucky to have
> >one.
> You assume I haven't already taken over the basement and the garage ;-)
> -chris
> <>

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