TRS-80 without floppy drive

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Wed Apr 27 12:55:22 CDT 2005


chris <cb at> said:

> Regarding the TRS-80. It has no floppy drives. I haven't really looked at 
> it yet, but I presume it can be connected to a standard tape recorder to 
> use cassettes (it came with the case pre-markered saying "No floppy 
> drives, use cassettes"... that will be a different project to scrub that 
> off).
> What is the easiest way for me to obtain software and transfer to 
> cassette? I have no other machines currently setup to read/write to 
> cassette. However, I do have Windows and Mac setups that I can capture an 
> audio stream to cassette if there is some repository of WAV files or 
> similar archives of software.
>  is a good place to start.

I actually have an original Tandy tape recorder that I bought when my
TRS-80 was new...didn't use it much, I moved to an Exatron Stringy
Floppy then to real floppys pretty quick!

(I must get round to fixing my TRS-80, last time I plugged it in it
let the magic smoke out... :-( )

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