TRS-80 without floppy drive

Tony Duell ard at
Wed Apr 27 18:28:31 CDT 2005

> The original TRS-80 cassette interface was often a WORHE (Write Once, Read
> Hardly Ever).  It was not acceptably reliable.

It wasn't the cassette interface that was the problem, it was the 
cassette recorder that was shipped with the machine (or at least the type 
that was shipped with my first Model 1). This recorder had the amazing 
trick of putting glitches on the tape if started or stopped using the 
remote control socket, even in playback mode (!). Needless to say that 
was great for ruining tapes!

The cure was either to use a properly desigend recorder, or to solder a 
10uF capacitor (the right way round) across the erase head (this infernal 
device used DC erase, BTW).

After doing that, I had no problesm with the cassette interface apart 
from the fact it was painfully slow. I was very pleased when I finally 
got the EI and disks. My M3 and M4 I bought second-hand, complete with 
internal drives.


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