kda50 manual and sdi cables & questions

Heinz Wolter h.wolter at sympatico.ca
Wed Apr 27 18:38:28 CDT 2005

nooo.. I do believe those high  speed signals wouls need to run on coax for
the length they're designed to run - I think it's ribbon/coax -I'm guessing
fairly expensive stuff. (I gather this from previous SDI discussion ;)
 Pinouts help, bit still doesn't tell me it it's a 1:1 to my RA73 drive or
if it needs swapping etc :( it's possible for short distance ~50 ohm ribbon
cable might work  a close enough match to 34 pin flippy ribbon cable sets?
might be worth an experment - now to look up pinouts on the RA73 drive ;)
everything's transformer isolated, but I'm not sure about mysterious drive
drive selects..

Adrian Graham" <witchy at binarydinosaurs.co.uk> wrote

> Page 43 is the important one since it details the connector, but AFAIK
> not coax, it's a ribbon cable, though I guess the principle is the same.
> could get a correct result using chopped up IDE cables perhaps......
> cheers
> a

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