No More HP Manuals on BAMA

Joe R. rigdonj at
Thu Apr 28 07:11:16 CDT 2005

At 08:46 PM 4/27/05 -0500, you wrote:
>It was written...
>> Agilent (HP) hasn't looked like a worthwhile company for some time!  Since
>> they changed their name at least.
>Last time I checked, HP didn't change their name to anything. Agilent was a 
>spinoff from HP. 

   The tail spun off the dog!

>HP is still alive and kicking.
>Agilent stuff is pretty good from what I've seen. Perhaps you're mistakenly 
>referring to the cheap desktop stuff HP is making in the consumer products 

   AFIK that's all that HP makes. Aglient now makes test equipment. The
consumer grade stuff made by HP is JUNK! Even the test equipment made by
Agilent isn't nearly as good as that built by HP only a few years ago.

>Regardless... I can definitely see a company protecting their copyright. 

   I don't disagree. I'm just pointing that HP and Agilent, but
particularly the modern HP, aren't the company that HP used to be.


>as collectors should be first and foremost in honoring those copyrights, or 
>it will be to our detriment. Of course, then we move to working with them to 
>ease up on old gear... but, we should rigorously maintain their copyrights 
>as well. That being said, I'm hard pressed to imagine them complaining about 
>really old manuals for gear they haven't made in decades. But that's a moot 
>point - have to work inside the guidelines of the law.

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