small valves and RE: OT

Tony Duell ard at
Thu Apr 28 17:16:35 CDT 2005

> A few years back, I had a bench power supply ('constant current/constant
> voltage' type) that would output 5000 volts at up to a few hundred
> milliamperes.

The fact that i am here to ramble on about old computers is an indirect 
result of the quality of Fluke instruments !

My father (a physical chemist) was using an ENT power supply for field 
emission experiments. This device could provide over 10kV at a fair few 
10's of mA -- easily enough to kill you. He managed to grab the output 
with one hand while his other hand touched an earthed metal sink.

Fortunately he had the current limit turned right down, and fortunately 
the circuit worked correctly. If it hadn't, he wouldn't have been around 
to create me. 

And needless to say he never used anything but Fluke PSUs after that... 
[Yes, OK, there are other good ones with perfectly good current limiting, 
but if one pparticular brand has saved your life, you stick with it]


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