phase converters for big iron

Paul Koning pkoning at
Thu Apr 28 19:02:56 CDT 2005

>>>>> "Eric" == Eric Smith <eric at> writes:

 Eric> Jim wrote:
 >> If they are switcher power supplies, they tend not to react very
 >> nicely to having a solid state inverter feed them.

 Eric> May depend on the switcher.  Many of them just rectify the
 Eric> input, so they don't really care what the input frequency or
 Eric> waveform is, so long as it's not too fast for the rectifier.
 Eric> So many 50/60 Hz switchers work fine on DC, 400 Hz, "modified
 Eric> sine wave" 50/60 Hz, or even square wave 50/60 Hz.

 Eric> But the ones that support exactly two voltage ranges (and
 Eric> nothing in the middle) apparently use a voltage doubler, which
 Eric> won't work on DC, and I don't know how it will react to higher
 Eric> frequencies or strange waveforms.

Doublers won't work with DC, indeed.  But they should work fine on
the other waveforms you mentioned.


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