No More HP Manuals on BAMA

Jay West jwest at
Thu Apr 28 21:09:13 CDT 2005

Joe wrote...
>   AFIK that's all that HP makes. Aglient now makes test equipment. The
> consumer grade stuff made by HP is JUNK! Even the test equipment made by
> Agilent isn't nearly as good as that built by HP only a few years ago.

You are only looking at the consumer products division. The HP 9000 stuff is 
still made, and still the HP quality most people appreciate. Last I checked 
(a couple years ago), the consumer products division was not frequently the 
majority of their revenue. It occasionally on a quarterly basis surpassed 
the mini & other stuff "side of the house"... but it wasn't lik 90% of their 
revenue. And the higher end intel boxes HP sells, are extremely well made.

Jay West 

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