Teletype Troubleshooting

Randy McLaughlin cctalk at
Thu Apr 28 21:28:42 CDT 2005

From: "Bill Kotaska" <bkotaska at>
Sent: Thursday, April 28, 2005 9:27 PM

>I am looking for troubleshooting tips for a 33 teletype.
> I'm testing in local mode and am getting incorrect characters
> on (almost) every keypress. The characters will change even
> with repeated pressings of the same key. I am pretty sure the
> keyboard is outputting the correct codes.
> I wiped down the distributor surface (it was pretty grimy) and no change.
> I tried adjusting the range finder but could never find a point where the
> characters were consistent.
> Is it possible to disconnect the motor drive belt and rotate the shaft
> manually to get a closer look at what is happening mechanically?
> It's very hard to see what is going on in the selector area with the
> shaft spinning so fast.
> By the way, my drive belt is somewhat loose. Is there still a source
> for these? Or maybe an adjustment for tightening?
> Thanks,
> Bill

I am a member of another list related just to teletypes (greenkeys).

You may want to join it and ask for advice there:

The 33 is just one model supported on the list.


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