VAX9000 (was: RE: kda50 manual and sdi cables & questions)

Paul Koning pkoning at
Sat Apr 30 16:13:18 CDT 2005

>>>>> "shoppa" == shoppa classiccmp <shoppa_classiccmp at> writes:

 >>> [ RA90 destroying DEC ]
 shoppa> It may have been late, but DEC really was a leader in disk
 shoppa> and tape storage in the early 90's, thanks largely to the
 shoppa> technology they developed for the RA9x.  They got out of the
 shoppa> business (selling their storage tech stuff to Quantum,
 shoppa> right?) just before it got commoditized to the point where it
 shoppa> became uninteresting (and possibly too-profit- thin).

I think that was part of the "sell everything in little pieces"
approach Bob Palmer used.  Maybe he once was a good manager but he
clearly was nowhere competent enough to be CEO of DEC.  So he just
chopped it up and sold the bits one by one, until finally Compaq
bought the last piece and retired him with way more money than he

Yech.  KO made his shared of mistakes, but at least he had the right

BTW, on the topic of disk drives, I heard about a prototype created by
the disk engineering group for a disk drive (3.5 inch, or maybe
smaller) that was made mostly of plastic.  Apparently it was very
cheap, and might have been a big hit but people didn't want to invest
in the new manufacturing line required for it...


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