DEC Tx07 tape drive question (was Re: new scrap dealer found :>)

Jay West jwest at
Sat Apr 30 20:39:08 CDT 2005

I'm curious about the "TZ07" tape drives I located.

I'm quite positive they were SCSI 1/2 mag tape drives. However, some 
googling on the web seems to indicate that a TZ07 is a 4mm dat? No, what I 
saw was clearly 1/2 mag tape, front loader, horizontal drive. Reminded me of 
an M4 9914 or Cipher F880 or was it F990...

Anyways... I could be wrong about the TZ07 designation, but I was pretty 
sure I remembered it right. Can anyone tell me if a TZ07 is in fact a 1/2 
front loading mag tape drive, and was it typically a given set of densities 
or was it frequently only one or two densities?


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