DEC Tx07 tape drive question (was Re: new scrap dealer found :>)

Tim Riker Tim at
Sat Apr 30 22:24:55 CDT 2005

Jay West wrote:
> I'm quite positive they were SCSI 1/2 mag tape drives. However, some 
> googling on the web seems to indicate that a TZ07 is a 4mm dat? No, what 
> I saw was clearly 1/2 mag tape, front loader, horizontal drive. Reminded 
> me of an M4 9914 or Cipher F880 or was it F990...

F880 is shorter. M990 (not F) is the tallest. Then came the M995S. 
Simple googled page:

The M990 had a scsi option, but was pertec by default. The F880 likely 
had a scsi option as well.

My M990 does not have the scsi interface, but I sure wish it did. =(

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