Analog modem emulator?

Patrick Finnegan pat at
Mon Aug 1 13:23:25 CDT 2005

On Monday 01 August 2005 12:23, Brad Parker wrote:
> Vintage Computer Festival wrote:
> >I'm thinking back to the original intent of this.  Is it that the
> > guy wanting to do this (sorry, forgot who you are) wants to put a
> > computer running a BBS on the internet?  If so, all these
> > suggestions are overkill. The best one I've heard so far is to get
> > something that fools the computer into thinking it's connected to a
> > modem when in actuality it's connected to some sort of terminal
> > server that emulates ring signals, etc.  This is also something
> > that is somewhat easy to write with the write serial port driver
> > software.  A linux box will do.
> Oh.  Now I get it.
> I'd find an old terminal server which has "reverse telnet".  An
> Xylogics Annex would do nicely.  Then connect the serial ports on the
> annex directly to the BBS box, removing the modems.  No need for the
> modems...

If anyone here needs or wants some Xylogics Annex Three boxes (64 serial 
ports per box), I've got at least two available, with some of the 
serial breakout cables.

Another option would be a DECserver that does reverse LAT, or a Xyplex 
terminal server, which is very much like a clone of a DECserver, only 
it has telnet capability in addition to LAT (and telnet is a nice thing 
to have ;).

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