Emulex DM01 information

Frank Arnold fm.arnold at gmx.net
Tue Aug 2 08:50:04 CDT 2005

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Subject: Re: Emulex DM01 information

>Jerome H. Fine wrote:
>>  >Gordon JC Pearce wrote:
>>> Hi there,
>>>   I need to find out about the ST506 cables for an Emulex DM01 QBUS 
>>> card.  I've just got one with no cables.  I understand that it's 
>>> similar to other Emulex MSCP cards (makes sense really) but it has a 
>>> 50-pin cable to connect the drives up.  Anyone know how to make up a 
>>> cable for this?  Or even, got a spare cable? 
>> Jerome Fine replies:
>> Making up the cable is actually rather easy in this case.
>> But my cable is buried somewhere at the moment.  Basically,
>> 34 lines are used for the 34 pin edge connector (daisy
>> chained if there are 2 drives) and the remaining 16 lines
>> are split into 2 groups of 8 lines, one for each of the
>> two 20 pin edge connectors, i.e. one for each drive.  The
>> DM01 supports two MFM drives.  If no one replies in a day
>> or two, I will try and locate my cable and specify exactly
>> how the connectors are set up.
>Did you ever turn this cable up?  And does anyone know if the DM01 
>controller will be compatible with the breakout board and 50-pin plug in 
>a BA23 enclosure?

Yes, I did make those cabes some long time ago.
I have no idea if the DM01 and the RQDX3 have the same pinout on the
Drive-plug. But if you have the breakout board and a ohm-meter at hand I
can suppley you with the relevant manual pages of the DM01 so you can make
the cable and tell us the nice to know answer to the compatibility issue.

Just tell me where to sent this, if not above adress. I will scan these
pages tonight.


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