Analog modem emulator?

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Tue Aug 2 09:33:24 CDT 2005

On Mon, 1 Aug 2005, Pete Bartusek wrote:

> ...but my scenario is different in that I want the connection going to the
> PC to still be analog lines. So, this device would have to have some sort of
> modem emulation of its own.

I doubt you'll find anything to do this, not that they don't exist, but if
you do it'll probably be outside your price range.

Sounds like a custom solution to me.  Get a Linux box with a modem and an
external switch (in this case "switch" meaning a PBX of some sort).  A
Panasonic 606 is perfect for what you need: small, easy to program (the
default programming will work), and it's a hybrid so it uses both
proprietary digital sets and normal analog sets (auto-sensing).  They're
also abundant and probably cheap by now.  In fact, I think I have one I
can sell you.  A Panasonic 1232 is the same thing with just more ports (12
CO trunks, 32 stations) but overkill.  Plug the 4 modems of the target box
into one of the 16 extensions, then plug the modem on the Linux gateway
into a fifth extension.  The Linux modem can then dial directly into any
one of the 4 target machine modems by dialing its extension number.

Then, write some software to do the conversion :)


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