Replace roller rubber on HP 9825 tape drive

J. David Bryan jdbryan at
Tue Aug 2 11:46:08 CDT 2005

On 1 Aug 2005 at 19:28, Joe R. wrote:

> I think I have a copy of that issue of the HPJ. I'll see if that
> picture is in it.

The HP 264x terminals also used the 3M DC100 tape cartridge.  Appendix D of 
the "2641A/2645A/2645S/N Display Station Reference Manual" (HP 02645-90005) 
is entitled "Tape Cartridge Rethreading" and has a full page of directions 
and drawings.  It's available at:

On 1 Aug 2005 at 15:53, Vassilis Prevelakis wrote:

> I have added it to the page, much appreciate it. It is better,
> although kinda low res. Anybody have a better scan of that image? 

If you want to use the drawing from the 264x manual, and you would like an 
image of higher resolution than the above (I believe that Al scans at 400 
dpi), let me know, and I'll make one from my manual.

                                      -- Dave

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