VCF Midwest update?

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Tue Aug 2 16:59:30 CDT 2005

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>>>>> "Julian" == Julian Wolfe <fireflyst at> writes:<br><br> Julian> I actually have a few problems with how the show was run,<br> Julian> speaking mainly as an exhibitor, I think it was run quite<br> Julian> backwards.  To charge to exhibit, then not charge for<br> Julian> admission, is a slap in the face to the individuals who<br> Julian> hauled their stuff out to show. <br><br>It's perfectly common hamfest practice, and no one seems to think this<br>is strange -- and certainly they don't think of it as an insult.<br>Instead, it's a way to make the event more attractive to the buyers --<br>think of it as a small marketing fee.<br><br>      paul<br><br><br>

Maybe it's due to I have never attended a hamfest, but I agree with 
Julian it seems odd to me to charge the people exhibiting and not for

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