Another disk imaging project

Bill Sudbrink wh.sudbrink at
Wed Aug 3 08:49:03 CDT 2005

> Here's another idea I've had on the back-burner for quite some time, I've
> mentioned to a couple of you during private correspondance, but here it is
> for open discussion.
> The idea is to make a small single-board computer with a microcontroller,
> a WD2793 or similar floppy disk controller, enough memory to buffer a
> few tracks, and a high-speed serial port for communication with the PC.
> The board would have connectors for 5.25"/3" drives and 8" drives, and
> would properly interface to all drive types.
> Firmware would be developed to provide read/format/write/analysis
> capabilities around the more powerful WD chip. Images would be transferred
> via the serial connection to and from the PC. This should allow us to
> archive soft-sector formats that are not compatible with the PC, and also
> to perform these functions under virtually any PC environment.
> I just haven't had time to design and build the board ... anyone else
> interested in working together on such a project?

Sure, I'd like to help.  But, as someone else has already pointed out, it
would be nice if we could make it support more platforms with a hardware raw
sampler/software decode design.  In specific, once we get it working on more
popular formats, I would work towards getting such a system to support Ohio
Scientific (surprise!).


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