Another disk imaging project

Tony Duell ard at
Wed Aug 3 18:46:31 CDT 2005

> The idea is to make a small single-board computer with a microcontroller,
> a WD2793 or similar floppy disk controller, enough memory to buffer a
> few tracks, and a high-speed serial port for communication with the PC.
> The board would have connectors for 5.25"/3" drives and 8" drives, and
> would properly interface to all drive types.

Remeber that the WD chips are not still being made (are they?).

I've thought about something similar. A single-board computer with a raw 
bitstream reader/writer (similar to a catweasel board, but not 
proprietary). Save the data on a CF card or similar (there's rather too 
much to send over an RS232 link in a sane time, and it would seem to be 
easier to interface a CF card to a classic computer than to add a USB 
port to a classic computer (this is important to me as I only have 
classic computers).


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