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gordonjcp at gordonjcp at
Wed Aug 3 06:24:56 CDT 2005

>>> IIRC, the Ensoniq Mirage had mixed sector sizes.
>>Hey... I have one of those - it used to belong to my mother (she was a
>>professional musician).
>>I'd love to have a way to image disks for it.  I think I remembered
>>the disks were wierd, but not how they were wierd.
> Unfortunately it's looking like mixed sector sizes within one track are
> not within the capabilities of the 765 to write - although I could
> probably
> READ them OK (and with a documented image file format, you would at least
> have access to the data so you could try to find some other way to
> recreate
> the disks if you had to).

I sent a message to the list, but it seems to have done its usual
"don't-post-until-sometime-next-month" thing that only seems to happen
with this list.

There are two programs, MREAD and MWRITE, that run under DOS and allow you
to read and write Mirage disk images.  Presumably if they were modified to
read and write double-sided disks, they'd work with SQ80 disks too.

The disk format is here:

It's a bit odd - sectors 0 to 4 are 1024 bytes, sector 5 is 512 bytes.

It would be really good to have a modern replacement for the MREAD and
MWRITE utilities.  It's a hassle booting up DOS every time I want to
transfer stuff...


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